O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics uses the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science, together can make an actual skin difference.

Feel comfortable in your skin throughout the ages.

Omazing Facial
Your skin’s solution, it boosts, hydrates,  refines, corrects  and prepares the skin allowing treatment results to  accumulate. Daily use of O Cosmedics, your skin just gets  better and better with your continued daily commitment  with home care products.
Customised Facial
For sensitive skin type
O Corrective Peel (30 min)
Great for congested, sluggish and hormonal skin



~ Rejuvenate, Radiant and Refresh ~

The system addresses the underlying cause of fine lines, wrinkles and visible skin degradation caused by premature ageing.

Rejuvenate Infusion
Dramatically enhances overall hydration. Skin looks  rejuvenated, fresh and youthful.
Opulence Infusion
Balancing out uneven skin tones, resulting in brighter  more radiant looking skin.


Atoxelene Infusion
This is a natural alternative to anti-wrinkle injections, leaving your skin firmer, smoother and tighter. Include this in any facial


Organicspa Skin Care

Certified Organic and Vegan
Experience the feel of this luxurious product that is Australian owned and made. Offering Luxury through  Nature

Organicspa Facial – Customised to your skin type
Hydrate, Rebalance or Repair
Age Defying
Revitalise, Refresh and Brighten your skin using a
high concentrations of vitamins C & E, visibly reducing the signs of aging.
AHA Rejuvenating Peel
Exfoliate, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin with this
advanced combination of Alpha Hydroxyls Acid with
enzymes to support your skins regenerative process.
Lactic and Enzyme Peel
Formulated with mature skins in mind. together, the pure
lactic powder and the organic enzyme rich dehydrated fruit
powder will deliver a powerful active boost to the skins overall appearance.
Revitalise, clarify and cleanse treating your skin to a
detoxifying and calming treatment creating a healthy glow.
Express Facial
An introduction to the Organicspa range


Hydrodermabrasion Facial

Hydrodermabrasion is an exciting new technology that combines the excitement and efficacy of Microdermabrasion with a new twist and better results. The results are a smooth, thoroughly exfoliated, hydrated, youthful looking skin, without the mess and irritation that could sometimes accompany microdermabrasion. Hydrodermabrasion is applicable to all skin types with this all in one treatment.

Face, Neck and Décolletage $85