Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet

Finger nail Or Toes 
Nails shaped and painted.
During the manicure, nails are soaked, cut filed and shaped,
cuticles are tidied and nails polished.
Gel Polish Manicure
As stated in the manicure plus your choice of a Gel polish..
Deluxe Manicure
Includes a hand and arm exfoliation, nails filed, shaped, and
cuticles tidied. Enjoy a hand and arm massage followed by
the hands treated to a warm paraffin wax wrap. This is
total hydration, leaving the skin soft and supple. Finish with
the nails painted.
During this pedicure, feet are soaked, nails are filed and
shaped, cuticles tidied and finished with the toenails
Gel Polish Pedicure
As stated in the pedicure plus your choice of a Gel polish.
European Pedispa
Indulge your feet with a pedispa bath foot soak, legs and
feet exfoliated, soles of feet treated with the latest European equipment , nails filed and  shaped and cuticles tidied. Finish off with a light leg and foot massage and toenails
Gel Polish European Pedispa
As stated in the European Pedispa plus your choice of a Gel polish.


Light Elegance Gel

Full Set of Nails $55
Overlays $45
Refills $50


Powder Polish Dip System

Full Set of Nails $45
Overlays $35
Soak Off With New set $50